Stop the Job-Killing Health Care Taxes

Congress must protect Americans from the Health Insurance Tax (HIT), the Medical Device Tax and the “Cadillac” Tax.

Congress must protect American families from unaffordable health care taxes. The Health Insurance Tax (HIT) will impact approximately 140 million Americans, increasing health care costs for manufacturers and workers. The HIT increases insurance premiums for a family of four by almost $500 a year. It’s an unfair and unneeded sales tax on the health care of American families, including American manufacturing workers.

Congress delayed the HIT for 2019, but middle class families, including manufacturing workers, need Congress to act now to delay it again—or even better, end it altogether.

  • The tax primarily hits small businesses’ employees and their dependents, Medicare beneficiaries and those buying individual plans.
  • 70% of Americans do not want the government collecting taxes off their health care.
  • The HIT is delayed for 2019, but action is needed now to ensure families don’t get saddled with hundreds of dollars of added health care costs in 2020.

Add your name to stand with middle class families and stop the job-killing Health Care Taxes.