The President has invited manufacturer Steve Staub, along with Sandy Keplinger and Corey Adams, to be his guests at the State of the Union. This is their story.

For the first time in the National Association of Manufacturers’ 123-year history, an NAM member will be represented in the First Lady’s box at tonight’s State of the Union address.

Steve Staub, along with Sandy Keplinger and Corey Adams of Staub Manufacturing Solutions, an NAM member, small manufacturer, and Ohio Manufacturers’ Association board member, will be among the guests of honor.

Steve’s story is the story of manufacturers across America. Policy victories over the past year, particularly regulatory relief and tax reform, have given them the confidence to invest in their workforce and their company. Steve and Sandy report they have given all employees raises and bonuses, expanded their facility and hired 14 new team members for a total of 37.

President Trump has made the future of manufacturing workers a priority from day one, and the NAM has ensured that when the most important decisions are made, manufacturers have a seat at the table. Tonight, manufacturers will also have the best seats in the house.

Watch Steve’s story above and learn more here.