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Protecting Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information Key for Manufacturers

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By Joe Trauger and Robyn Boerstling

Over the course of the last year, there have been efforts underway in several states to require some manufacturers to turn over and reveal highly sensitive operational information, such as pricing on specific products, marketing costs, research investments and funding streams that support new and innovative product development.

One misguided legislative effort in the State of Washington could initiate an unprecedented government view of some manufacturers’ proprietary operations. From the perspective of a manufacturer, singling out a sector and publicly releasing such detailed information as required by some of these state legislative efforts would be contrary to commonly understood business practices. Moreover, the impacts would be chilling—a surrender of federal protections exposure to manipulation and, in many cases, forcing the manufacturer to violate contractual obligations. Worse, risk taking and innovation would be too difficult to pursue under such draconian measures. Read More