The NAM and EPA Announce a New Partnership to Highlight Sustainability in Manufacturing

Today, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are forging a new partnership through the agency’s Smart Sectors Program. Modern manufacturing is more green, high-tech and innovative than ever before. The NAM’s partnership with the EPA will foster greater collaboration across industrial sectors and create unique opportunities for NAM members to showcase how their sustainable practices are improving the manufacturing process and changing the way products are made in America.

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons stated, “Having decreased greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent while increasing our share of the economy by 19 percent over the past decade, manufacturers across America are delivering strong economic growth alongside environmental stewardship. Manufacturers have made a commitment that with the regulatory certainty we’ve been given, we will keep our promise to not only create jobs, invest in our communities and increase wages and benefits—but also build a future with cleaner air, cleaner water and a healthier environment. We are excited to partner with the EPA as we lead the way on smart sustainability practices and developing the technologies that will empower all industries to be more efficient and environmentally responsible.”

As leaders of American industry, manufacturers are continuing to keep their promises by increasing energy efficiency, saving and recycling water and implementing successful practices to reduce pollution and waste. Sustainability has become mainstream across industrial sectors, and the NAM’s recent survey revealed that 71.9 percent of manufacturers report they have a sustainability policy in place and another 8.3 percent of manufacturers are developing one. These overwhelmingly positive numbers are only the tip of the iceberg, and manufacturers are passionate about producing products in an environmentally conscientious way. The NAM is thrilled to partner with the EPA to champion manufacturers’ efforts to improve the environmental, health and safety profile of manufacturing through ongoing innovation and investment.

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