Small Georgia Manufacturer Creates New Jobs, Invests Heavily in New Equipment Due to Tax Reform

By September 13, 2018Shopfloor Main

At Evans Tool & Die, a family-owned toolmaking and stamping business in Conyers, Georgia, employees have always come first.

“Generosity is one of our core values,” explained Dee Barnes, president and CEO of Evans Tool & Die. “We’ve always shared profit with our employees, and we have always given bonuses each year. With tax reform, we will be able to increase those bonuses to our employees.

Evans Tool & Die has always tried to reward hardworking employees. Despite much of the tool industry going elsewhere in recent decades due to an uncompetitive economic climate in the United States, Barnes has remained committed to keeping the company’s production in Georgia.

“We’ve held on, because we’re a family business and our workers are like family to us,”  said Barnes.

But now, because of tax reform, Evans is headed for a stronger business year and hiring new workers to satisfy increasing demand.

“We have a 40,000-square-foot warehouse that’s ready to be used,” said Barnes. “We’re ready to grow, buy another stamping press, buy new equipment. In recent years, we haven’t been able to invest heavily into new equipment, but now tax reform has definitely made it a good time to invest. Tax reform is causing new business to filter down to Evans, because we make small parts that go into bigger products. The supply chain has definitely been effected positively by tax reform.”

Evans is creating new jobs, but the labor pool for tool manufacturers is small. As a result, Evans is investing heavily in apprenticeship training for new employees and their existing employees.

“We’re raising up our own workers to ensure we have quality toolmakers,” said Barnes. “You can’t just go out and hire toolmakers anymore, because there aren’t any. We’ve partnered with tech schools to help them rebuild tool manufacturing programs. And we do everything we can to reward our employees, so they want to stay at Evans Tool & Die. Plus, we’re proud to help our workers provide for their families, with incredible health care and great benefits.”

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