How Schneider Electric Is Using ‘EcoStruxure’ to Improve Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Connecting Business Operations Through EcoStruxure; An integrated, Cloud-Based IoT System That Fosters Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Working Conditions.

To reduce energy intensity across increasingly diverse and technology-based industries, there is a growing need for central integration of company operations. By allowing a flow of information between various parts of a building, and continuously gathering inputs in data processing systems, facility workers have the opportunity to leverage past, as well as present, information to understand how to operate their buildings more efficiently. Schneider Electric is dedicated to the process of designing for a future of interconnectedness, where data analysis can be utilized to improve energy efficiency, working conditions and ultimately be used to operate sustainable systems.

And so, the company created EcoStruxure.

EcoStruxure is an integrated, cloud-based, IoT system that connects all aspects of a building, from the shop floor to the top floor, and allows for continuous communication between systems to tailor the use of energy. The patterns detected and analyzed by the centralized system can in turn be quickly adopted to a large scale, leveraging crucial momentum to ultimately decreased energy intensity. EcoStruxure is carefully designed around the six key pillars of power, data center, building, machine, plant and grid in order to adapt to a diverse range of customer demands. Since its launch, the system has been integrated in more than 450,000 installations and connected more than 1 billion devices. These implementations were in turn supported by more than 9,000 system integrators.

Illustrated: Structure of the EcoStruxure system from the 2017-2017 Schneider Electric Sustainability Report.

In May 2015, Deloitte opened what has been recognized as the most sustainable office building in the world, called The Edge. By leveraging Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure system as the backbone of operations, the building utilizes a central data communication system to gather and analyze information streamlined from all parts of its operations and provides analysts with information on how to further use this data to enhance improvement. The efficiency of the system enables connected network of solar panels to produce 102 percent of the energy in the building. By adjusting this energy need based on signals from all parts of the entity, The Edge has managed to limit energy consumption to less than 0.3kWh/m per year.

The Edge Video (Bloomberg)

Another version of the EcoStruxure system has been implemented by the world-leading company within the steel manufacturing industry, ArcelorMittal. ArcelorMittal’s largest plant, based in Dunkirk, France, delivers more than 7 million tons of steel to support a wide range of industries across the globe. With high interdependency on a continuous flow of production, the steel plant leverages the EcoStruxure system’s integrated analysis to monitor and make ongoing modifications to the operating systems without having to stop the installation itself. This system does not only improve the energy efficiency of the plant, but also increases safety for workers and enables the decrease of dust emissions released into the Dunkirk region.

EcoStruxure in Dunkirk Plant (Video)

With an estimated increase in energy consumption of 60 percent by the year 2040, as well as the existence of a total of 30 billion connected devices by 2020, there is a crucial need for integrated systems like EcoStruxure. By seamlessly connecting and analyzing the diverse range of energy needs of various facilities, systems like EcoStruxure modernize the operations of everything from office buildings to manufacturing plants. Schneider Electric is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and ensuring a safer and healthier work environment for employees all over the word, as well as enhance a sustainable environment.

Ultimately, by linking the needs of a variety of operations, EcoStruxure ensures that life is on in all systems at all times.

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