GE Appliances Opens New Dallas Distribution Center as Part of $150 Million Expansion Plan

By June 21, 2018Shopfloor Main

Manufacturers and the millions of workers they employ are the backbone of America; they continue to invest, innovate, manufacture and distribute right here in the United States, creating new jobs and opportunities.

One example is GE Appliances (GEA), which is planning major investments over the next five years in the expansion of its U.S. manufacturing operations.

As a part of that expansion plan, GEA is investing $150 million to expand its U.S. distribution network, investing in four facilities across the United States, which will support more than 220 jobs in distribution, delivery and in-home installation.

The first of those four facilities, located in Dallas, Texas, opened this week. The new distribution center is 700,000 square feet, 50 percent larger than the previous facility, and includes 140 loading docks with 10-foot doors. According to GEA, the “smart” facility will be a “blueprint” for future facilities.

“Our Dallas location is the blueprint for our future warehouses and distribution capability,” Mark Shirkness, vice president of distribution for GE Appliances, said in a press release. “It’s a smart facility—a complete redesign of everything we’re doing in our distribution network to better serve our customers.”

GE Appliances’ $150 million investment plan, which also includes opening facilities in Denver, Atlanta and Northern California, is part of the company’s distribution goal to reach 90 percent of U.S. homes within three days.

“Our new Dallas Distribution Center and overall $150 million distribution network expansion are important parts of our strategy to become the leading appliance manufacturer in the U.S.,” says Melanie Cook, chief operating officer for GE Appliances. “GE Appliances is growing. Over the next five years, we plan to continue investing in new technology, in our nine U.S manufacturing plants, and improve our industry-leading distribution capabilities to better serve our customers and owners.”

In addition, GEA is making investments in its U.S. manufacturing operations, investing in “nine U.S. production operations as part of its zero-distance-from-the-customer strategy of making products in the markets where they’re sold.”

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