Meet Amanda, a 26-Year-Old Product Development Assistant at Circa

By May 18, 2018General

Across America, millions of manufacturers are working every day to make America, and over the next decade, manufacturers are expected to hire 3.5 million more people to do it. Unfortunately, nearly half of those jobs may go unfilled due to a lack of trained workers.

Our “Creators Wanted” campaign is designed to raise awareness about opportunities in manufacturing and share the stories of young manufacturers who are pursuing fulfilling careers and changing the world in the process.

We asked Amanda James, a 26-year-old product development assistant at Circa, a leather manufacturer, what is it about modern manufacturing she finds most rewarding.

What was your path to becoming part of modern manufacturing?

Manufacturing is an integral part of the fashion industry. After attending college for fashion design, I pursued a career in product development and joined a company that values ethical production and sustainability. In this profession, I have the opportunity to merge creativity with the manufacturing process to develop new products.

What do you like best about your job?

Design and manufacturing have a symbiotic relationship. Every day, I get to learn something new about construction methods and machine capabilities to inform my approach to design and development.

Thinking about the next 5 to 10 years, what excites you most about where modern manufacturing is going?

I’m excited to see how the industry grows as new technology is introduced, both in computer-aided design and machinery, to create new processes through which we can design and innovate.

Young people can go into lots of different careers—health care, banking, retail, etc. What are the advantages of going into modern manufacturing?

Working in the manufacturing industry provides the opportunity to creatively problem-solve and design solutions to create real products that we use every single day.

If you had to give young people the best reason to go into modern manufacturing, what would it be?

Manufacturing isn’t just machine operation—it is a complex industry that involves skill, creativity and artistry. Manufacturing is a unique industry where you can see your ideas transform into reality.

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