Eight Super Bowl Ads from U.S. Manufacturers That You Might Have Missed Last Night

By February 5, 2018General

Millions of Americans gathered to watch the Super Bowl last night and enjoy some of the best ads of the year. Manufacturers were on full display during Sunday’s commercials, with plenty of heartwarming, funny and creative promotions. Here are eight ads from U.S. manufacturers that you might have missed:

1. Toyota – “Good Odds”

In a heartwarming ad, Toyota follows the journey of skier Lauren Woolstencroft as she beats the odds to become an eight-time Paralympic gold medalist.

2. Anheuser-Busch – “Stand by You”

Budweiser showcases its employees in its minute-long spot about providing clean water to cities impacted by natural disasters.

3. PepsiCo. – “Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice”


This Doritos vs. Mountain Dew commercial pits Peter Dinklage against Morgan Freeman to see who’ll win a rap battle—fire or ice?

4. M&Ms – “Human”

An M&M tired of narrowly escaping hungry people gets his wish to become human granted—and turns into Danny DeVito.

5. Verizon – “Answering the Call”

Verizon tugs on viewers’ heartstrings, using its spot to connect survivors to the first responders who answered their calls for help.

6. Febreze – “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink”

In its commercial, Febreze wants everyone to make sure their bathroom is ready for the Super Bowl party.

7. Coca Cola – “The Wonder of Us”

Coca-Cola celebrates diversity in its poetic ad, earnestly showcasing uniqueness and promoting inclusion.

8. Tide – “It’s All the Tide Ads”

Tide spoofs the memorable Super Bowl commercials everyone knows by turning them into Tide ads. Thought it was a Lincoln commercial? Nope—it’s a Tide ad.

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