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President’s Speech on Energy was Short on Taking Responsibility

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Manufacturers agree with President Obama’s comments Wednesday on the need to increase domestic oil and gas production. Domestic energy producers want new exploration and drilling and to resume projects that were forced to shut down under the moratorium imposed last spring.

While the Administration is advocating for greater domestic production, it simultaneously is preventing the permit process from operating in a timely and efficient manner. The Administration bears the responsibility to grant leases and permits for exploration and production to begin. Implicating domestic energy producers for lack of action, shortage or delay is irresponsible and inaccurate. It is time this Administration follow the policies it proposes. Action is required, not additional oratory.

The National Association of Manufacturers supports an “all of the above” approach to energy supply. To successfully compete in a global marketplace, American manufacturers must have reliable, affordable and secure energy sources. By increasing domestic production and incorporating renewables into a larger energy portfolio, manufacturers will be protected from the unpredictable price swings that come along with foreign energy sources, providing the stability needed for manufacturers to grow, create high-paying jobs and invest in the future.

Mahta Mahdavi is NAM director for energy and resources policy.