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Circumnetting the Pretty Good News, All Things Considered

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The National Association of Manufacturers is mentioned in all these stories.

Bloomberg, “Mine-Safety Measure Giving US Regulator More Powers Fails to Pass House.” The vote on H.R. 6495 was 214-193, failing to get the two-thirds vote required under suspension.

Bloomberg, “EPA Delays US Clean-Air Regulation Until July to Seek Scientific Review” The story reports on the EPA’s decision to ask the court for a delay in the effective date for new rules governing ground-level ozone. See EPA information here.

The Hill  (blog),EPA delays tougher air pollution rules

Bloomberg,Obama Tax Deal Wins Praise From Business-Lobby Critics

A Key Vote Letter Against Flawed Mining Regulation Bill

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The National Association of Manufactures today sent a “Key Vote” letter to the U.S. House urging a no vote on H.R. 6495, Robert C. Byrd Mine Safety Protection Act, which is scheduled to be considered under suspension on the House floor Wednesday.

Laudable goals to improve mine safety are undercut by the legislature’s overreach and extraneous provisions concerning labor-management relations. As the letter states:

Unfortunately, H.R. 6495 focuses primarily on expanding MSHA’s authority, imposing criminal penalties on employers, and exposing companies to more litigation. Specifically, the NAM is concerned with provisions in H.R. 6495 that: Read More