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The Manufacturing Renaissance on NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams

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Manufacturers are the pride of this country and they continue to produce the innovations that are integral to each of our lives and the economic security of our country. Last night, NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams reported on the manufacturing renaissance that is happening all across the country and highlighted the efforts of Mary Andringa, NAM Chair and CEO of Vermeer Corporation, a manufacturer of agricultural, environmental and construction equipment in Pella, Iowa.

As the story reports, it is evident that manufacturing has changed, transforming its operations and products to be high tech, clean and efficient. Manufacturing also remains a bright spot in our economic recovery, fighting against unprecedented headwinds to hire skilled workers and invest in high tech facilities.

The Vermeer Corporation is a perfect example of the manufacturing legacy and the future of the industry. Vermeer has for decades supported their local and state economy and is a key player in the global manufacturing economy selling their products in over 70 countries around the world. Andringa also drives Vermeer to live by the company’s founding principle, ‘in search of a better way’, by constantly improving their products and operations to exceed the demands of their customers.

Andringa remarks in the story, “I think successful manufacturers take charge of the opportunities that are out there. They’re innovative in their approaches and they’re also pretty tenacious. They have to stay after better products, better costs and understand what their customers really want and what they’ll pay for.”

The manufacturing renaissance is happening and it’s bringing with it new opportunities for our country, the global economy, and future generations.

Toyota Announces Four Million Hybrid Vehicles Sold

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Today, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that they have sold four million units of hybrid vehicles as of April 2012. Of the total four million, 1.5 million have been sold in the U.S. which accounts for 65 percent of all hybrid vehicles sold here.

Since being introduced to the US market in 2000, Toyota has sold 1.2 million Prius hybrids in the U.S. Toyota also produces hybrid model versions of the Camry and Highlander.

Toyota’s landmark sales announcement is part of the larger positive trends we’ve seen in vehicle sales over the last several months. Motor vehicle production has increased significantly and car sales have exceed a 14 million annual rate in each month this year, the fastest pace since 2008.

The development of hybrid technology and growing hybrid vehicle manufacturing and production is important for our energy sustainability.

It’s a good sign for manufacturers that auto sales continue to be a part of the manufacturing renaissance driving job creation and economic growth.