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Energy Related Emissions Fell in 2011

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Yesterday the U.S. Energy Information Agency released data showing in 2011 energy-related emissions declined in the U.S. This is the fourth time in the past six years we have seen a drop and this time it happened during a year of economic growth. 

Manufacturers continue to lead the way in developing and implementing new ways to reduce emissions. Today’s report is clear evidence that industry is working hard to reduce emissions own their own without unnecessary and burdensome government involvement.  In 2011, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions were 9 percent below 2005 levels; under the failed Waxman-Markey bill, they were only supposed to be 3 percent below 2005 levels in this same time frame.

Both large and small manufacturers continue to be saddled with costly and complex regulations from the EPA which will directly impact how they operate their businesses. Manufacturers expect to make even further advances in the future without regulations from the government which will hurt jobs and drive economic growth to a halt.