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Kennametal CEO Speaks in Washington on Importance of Manufacturing

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Today NAM Board Member and Kennametal Inc. Chairman, President and CEO Carlos Cardoso spoke at the National Press Club to discuss manufacturing and the need to bridge the gap between how the public views manufacturing and the actual reality of manufacturing in the United States.  

Mr. Cardoso called on manufacturing leaders to help spread the message and share the success stories and the importance of educating young workers about manufacturing careers. 

Kennametal also released a poll which shows that Americans are not as aware that manufacturing is leading the economic recovery and don’t believe manufacturing jobs are available. The NAM and manufacturers like Kennametal are working to change that perception and better educate the public and our leaders in government about the critical role of manufacturing in our economy and the need for highly skilled workers.

One of the main goals of the NAM’s Manufacturing Renaissance: Four Goals for Economic Growth is to ensure that manufacturers in the U.S. have the workforce that the 21st-century manufacturing economy requires.

From the Kennametal press release:

“The U.S. manufacturing sector has been steadily growing and right now, 600,000 manufacturing jobs are available,” Cardoso said. “Most of these positions require specialized skills and education, and as manufacturers, we have a responsibility to educate people about these opportunities and build the manufacturing workforce of the future. At Kennametal, we take this seriously and are helping to deliver the promise of manufacturing today through our actions.”

Joining Mr. Cardoso today were representatives from Greater Latrobe High School which is a partner in the company’s Young Engineers Program. Students in this program get to learn first-hand about manufacturing by participating in hands-on projects and mentoring from Kennametal engineers. This program is just one of many educational initiatives by manufacturers throughout the country to help educate students on manufacturing jobs.

Manufacturing at the Crossroads

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In case you missed it last Friday NAM Board of Directors member and CEO of Kennametal Carlos Cardoso published an op-ed in IndustryWeek about the economic impact of manufacturing in the U.S. and the challenges facing manufacturers.

Mr. Cardoso writes how important it is for manufacturers to work with policymakers to educate them on the importance of manufacturing and the need for pro-growth policies which is critical to the competitiveness of manufacturers. 

Excerpt from the op-ed:

As the industry and our country stand at this crossroads we have the opportunity and the obligation to shape the future of manufacturing in America.

We as manufacturers need to work with our policymakers and elected officials to educate them about the manufacturing sector. Our hard-won knowledge and resources can help them make policies that will advance innovation, promote exports, address our challenging tax codes and evaluate unduly burdensome or redundant regulation.

The results will be more well-paying careers for the American workforce and solid, sustainable companies for the future economic health of our country.

Manufacturing, Leading the Economic Recovery

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Bloomberg, “Manufacturing Booms as Deere Exemplifies Surge in Productivity“:

Once-ailing manufacturers are enjoying a robust rebound as cost-saving moves from job cuts to a greater reliance on technology help drive stronger-than-forecast growth. The shift has helped set the stage for a potential “manufacturing renaissance,” says James Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Minneapolis-based Wells Capital Management. He predicts the industry will set the pace for U.S. expansion and the American stock market during this decade, as technology did in the 1990s.

“Manufacturing is leading the whole economy,” said Paulsen, whose firm oversees about $340 billion. U.S. manufacturers “had to find religion. They’ve really cleaned up their balance sheets. What is left is the cream of the crop.”

Companies mentioned include Timken, the Canton, Ohio-based maker of roller bearings and steels; Materials Processing, Inc., the Logansport, Indiana-based metals-processing company; Siemens Corp., a subsidiary of the Munich-based Siemens AG; Boeing; Deere & Co.; Cooper Industries Plc, Deere & Co. and Kennametal Inc.

The story builds on recent data and reinforces what many National Association of Manufacturers member companies — other than the ones mentioned above — have been reporting. Economists are seeing the same thing; last Friday, The Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics blog rounded up the reaction of top economists, including Sung Won Sohn of the Smith School of Business and Economics. He said: Read More

Pennsylvania Jobs, Maryland Exports, Ohio Manufacturing

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A small round-up of manufacturing-related items…

Carlos Cardoso, chairman, president and CEO of Kennametal Inc. in Unity, Penn., writing in today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Action plan for jobs“:

Manufacturing and businesses mean jobs. We need to jumpstart job growth in Pennsylvania, and now is the time. As a resident employed as CEO by a manufacturing company, I cannot stay silent while a jobs-destroying public-policy agenda looms.

For eight years, we’ve had a governor who seriously underestimated the value of businesses and manufacturing to a healthy state economy. Now, under new leadership, we have an opportunity to turn this around.

The economic environment in our region, combined with the fact that we are at a critical juncture in forming state and national policies, means that no one who makes a living from manufacturing can afford to sit on the sidelines.

Cardoso is on the board of directors of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Drew Greenblatt is also an NAM director, and he and his company, Marlin Steelwire, were featured in an online article and excellent video (embedded below) at Slate.com, “How a small factory survives and thrives, thanks to overseas sales.Read More

Chileans Noticed the U.S. and Global Aid in Miner Rescue

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Immediately below we highlight the contributions of Kennametal Inc. to the efforts of thousands of people in making the rescue of the Chilean miners possible.

An earlier Shopfloor post, “Pennsylvania Manufacturers Made Chilean Mine Rescue Possible,” noted the contributions of Schramm Inc., and Center Rock, Inc. We also see this Aug. 31 report  from The Roanoke Times in North Carolina, “Salem firm gives trapped Chilean miners its best shot“: “National Peening, a metal treatment plant on Industrial Drive, got a rush order from Center Rock, a drilling supply manufacturer out of Pennsylvania. It asked the Salem company to apply its strengthening process to two drill bits it hopes to use to expand the size of a small hole that rescuers are now using to communicate with the miners, who are 2,300 feet underground.”

In observing the important role of U.S. technology, technical experts and manufacturers, we certainly don’t intend to diminish the role of the Chileans themselves. The Chilean miners hung in there, for one thing, and ultimately it was Chilean engineers who oversaw the operation as the country rallied around the men. But the U.S. and U.S. companies were there, and the Chileans — and others around the world — recognized their contributions.

The image is from a Google news search, Spanish-language sources, for “Center Rock“, the top results.

That’s an interesting piece in Publico, the Spanish publication, “Un rescate sólo posible con la tecnología de otros países: Perforadora de EEUU, cápsula alemana y fibra japonesa.”

In English, it’s “A rescue possible only with other countries’ technology — U.S. drills, a German rescue pod, and Japanese cable.”

The Daily Oklahoman had a related editorial, “Capitalism shone in Chile mine rescue.”

Kennametal: U.S. Manufacturer Contributes to Chile Rescue

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Please add another fine company, Kennametal Inc., to the list of U.S. manufacturers whose products aided in last week’s rescue of the Chilean miners trapped underground for two months. The Latrobe, Pa., company is a leading global supplier of tooling, engineered components and advanced materials used in production processes, a key player in the mining industry.

Joy Chandler, Vice President of Corporate Relations, described the company’s role in the effort:

Kennametal recently manufactured and supplied diamond substrates and carbide compacts / inserts to customers who in turn intended to use these materials in the cutting edge of their drill bits to aid in the Chilean mine relief efforts. The products Kennametal supplied to its customers were made special to the customers’ needs and manufactured in record lead-time.

The manufacturing took place at our Rogers, Arkansas facility and the process was a basic press, sinter, grind, but what makes it unique is the grade and geometry. The customer specs also makes it a custom solution which involved a concerted effort across many functions including customer service, engineering, production planning and the tool room. In total there were about 35 people involved in the orders from start to finish.

Through the technology, expertise and service we provide to our customers, and by delivering on our promise, we are pleased to have been able to aid in this effort. There was certainly a sense of urgency and we were glad we were able to respond above and beyond for the benefit of all those involved.

The company has a fascinating history of innovation and global expansion. Carlos M. Cardoso
Chairman, President and CEO, serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Manufacturers, and we are proud to have the company as an active NAM member.