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Ambassador Kirk’s Reminder: Global Operations Create U.S. Jobs

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The U.S. Trade Representative’s blog includes this Oct. 14 entry, “Ambassador Kirk Meets with Honeywell International CEO “:

Today Ambassador Kirk met with Honeywell International CEO David Cote. Mr. Cote serves on the President’s Deficit Commission and was named co-chair of the U.S.-India CEO Forum by President Obama in 2009.

Honeywell International is a global company headquartered in New Jersey that supports about 58,000 jobs in the United States and 122,000 total jobs worldwide. The company strives to invent and manufacture new technology that will help increase global safety and security.

It’s a company that thrives on trade to do business. In fact, it’s a leading exporter in over 100 countries worldwide. USTR is dedicated to opening markets and maintaining a level playing field so that companies like Honeywell can export more in support of U.S. American jobs.

And right beneath it, an Oct. 13 post, “USTR Ambassador Ron Kirk and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke tour FedEx global export operations in Memphis, Tennessee“:

This week, Ambassador Ron Kirk and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke are visiting the front lines of global trade in Memphis, Tennessee. That’s where Ambassador Kirk and Secretary Locke got a behind-the-scenes look at the FedEx global operations hub, one of the busiest transportation and logistics centers in the world. They toured the site at midnight to get a sense of how FedEx operates around the clock, sending over eight million packages daily to more than 220 countries. That enormous volume of trade activity supports 230,000 FedEx jobs in the United States, including 30,000 in the Volunteer State.

That’s right on. U.S. manufacturers and logistics/shipping companies support domestic U.S. jobs through their global operations.

These USTR blog posts serve as a timely rebuke to those who for political purposes misrepresent overseas operations as somehow deleterious to the U.S. economy and job creation.