Sustainable Transportation: Norfolk Southern

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Sustainability in manufacturing stretches well beyond the boundaries of a facility or factory. It includes supply chains and the transportation of goods. Norfolk Southern, one of the nation’s premier transportation companies, just released its 2016 Sustainability Report, “What Efficiency Looks Like.”

In it, it details continual improvements in environmental performance, including rolling out new, low-emission locomotives, introducing plug-in engine heating systems at rail yards and updated five-year goals on fuel efficiency.

In economic performance, it returned more than $700 million in dividends to shareholders and supported the location of 61 new industries and 32 industry expansions along its rail lines, representing $4.2 billion in customer investment and more than 6,100 new customer jobs. And in social performance, it recorded a 13 percent decline in employee reportable injuries and helped train more than 4,800 local emergency responders in safe response to potential incidents involving the transport of products regulated as hazardous material.

More information about Norfolk Southern’s sustainability accomplishments can be viewed here.

Driving a Global Movement to Zero Waste

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This guest blog post is authored by John Bradburn, GM global manager of waste reduction. It is the inaugural blog post in the National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Manufacturing a Sustainable Future blog series. 

It’s an exciting time to be working in the automotive industry. Our chairman and CEO, Mary Barra, believes the industry will change more in the next five years than it has in the last 50. GM is restructuring its portfolio to maximize vehicle efficiencies, electrifying vehicles and providing connectivity solutions that promote sustainability. All of this transformation includes our operations and how we make our products. We are committed to responsible manufacturing that conserves our industry’s vital resources. Read More