ShopTalk Podcast: President Trump’s 100 Days of Reg Reform

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As manufacturers look to our nation’s leaders to rethink red tape and reduce the cost of doing business in America, regulations continue to be cited as a top issue. It has been more than four decades since a president has addressed the regulatory burden in our country head-on, and now as we reflect on the first 100 days of this new administration, President Donald Trump has presented a new and innovative approach to reducing regulations that has already begun to have a positive effect for manufacturers nationwide.

In the latest installment of our ShopTalk podcast, NAM Senior Vice President of Communications Erin Streeter sits down with NAM Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Relations Aric Newhouse and NAM Vice President of Labor, Legal and Regulatory Policy Rosario Palmieri to discuss the current regulatory playing field and what manufacturers can expect in the future.

ShopTalk Podcast: Under the Hood of Modern Manufacturing

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The National Association of Manufacturers sat down with Honda of America Vice President of Business Operations Pam Heminger to discuss modern manufacturing in America.

Heminger explains how Honda efficiently designs, produces and delivers its products and focuses on meeting its customers’ ever-changing needs. She also describes modern manufacturing as clean, bright and innovative and says that manufacturing has always been a part of her life.

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about Honda of America and modern manufacturing.

ShopTalk Podcast: A Holiday Economic Outlook

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During this upcoming holiday season, should we be jolly about the economy? Are consumers opening their pocketbooks? How has the election impacted the U.S. economy? What can consumers expect in 2017? National Association of Manufacturers Chief Economist Chad Moutray, the National Retail Federation’s Jack Kleinhenz and the Consumer Technology Association’s Shawn DuBravac try to answer these questions and more in the latest Shopfloor podcast.

New ShopTalk Podcast: Don’t Sit Out Recess

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For members of Congress, August is more than a recess; it is a whole month filled pounding the pavement at home in their districts. This is an opportunity for lawmakers to take a listening tour of their district, meeting with families and voters, and for manufacturers, the men and women who make things in America, it is the opportunity to talk to lawmakers directly.

That’s why National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President of Government Relations Joe Trauger and NAM Senior Vice President of Communications Erin Streeter sat down with George Allen, former Virginia governor and senator, for a brand-new ShopTalk podcast on the ins and outs of August recess. Gov. Allen and Trauger offer valuable insights, tips of the trade and advice for manufacturers across the country.

This August is about getting Congress to hear from the manufacturing army. Listen, learn and schedule a meeting with your lawmaker today!

The Convention Circus

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Election buzz is in the air as next week the political party conventions begin. Starting with the Republican National Convention July 18-21 in Cleveland followed by the Democratic National Convention July 25-28 in Philadelphia, both Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take center stage at their party’s events.

In a special campaign edition of ShopTalk, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Senior Vice President of Communications Erin Streeter sat down to discuss the conventions with NAM Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Relations Aric Newhouse and Senior Vice President of External Relations Ned Monroe. Interested in learning more? Here’s what you need to know ahead of both conventions. Read More