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NAM Executive Insights Series Stops in Houston

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NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons joined manufacturing executives in Houston, Texas, today for its last stop on this year’s Executive Insights Series. Houston is America’s number-one city for manufacturing, making for an ideal venue to hear from CEOs of leading manufacturers like PPG, BP America, Devon Energy Corporation, Eagle Energy Exploration and Global Energy Ecolab—all of whom are well equipped to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the manufacturing community. Read More

Manufacturing executives gather in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photo by David Bohrer, NAM

Manufacturers Unite in Milwaukee

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As part of NAM’s Executive Insights series, manufacturing executives from Tenneco, Snap-on Incorporated, Modine Manufacturing, and Neenah Enterprises joined NAM’s Jay Timmons today on a panel in Milwaukee. Panelists agreed that manufacturing in America is at the core of American growth and innovation, fueling the American economy and creating jobs. In Wisconsin, manufacturers account for over 18 percent of the total output and 16 percent of the workforce. Read More

NAM Continues Executive Insights Series in Cleveland

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The NAM’s Jay Timmons joined leading manufacturing CEOs from Sherwin-Williams, Marlin Steel and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Cleveland yesterday as part of the NAM’s Executive Insights series. Panelists discussed the importance of advancing policies and regulations to support manufacturing, and in turn, create jobs and grow the economy in Ohio and across the United States.

Manufacturers’ contribution to the U.S. economy has steadily risen since 2009, reaching $2.09 trillion in 2014. In Ohio alone, manufacturing output was $99.83 billion in 2013, directly employing 682,600 jobs in the state in 2014. However, we need the right public policy and tools to keep America growing –to promote free and fair trade, diverse energy options, immigration reform, tax, health care and legal reform, and improved infrastructure. Read More

Executive Insights Series NYC Focuses on Manufacturers’ Trade Priorities

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Top manufacturing CEOs joined NAM’s Jay Timmons in New York City today for a discussion on manufacturing opportunities, threats, and policy priorities in the latest installment of the NAM’s Executive Insights Series.  Panelists included Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric, John Lundgren, Chairman and CEO of Stanley Black & Decker, Kellie Johnson, President and CEO of ACE Clearwater Enterprises, and David Seaton, Chairman and CEO or Fluor Corporation. Read More

NAM Hosts Executive Insights Series in Chicago

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NAM’s Jay Timmons joined leading manufacturing CEOs from Tenneco, Caterpillar, USG Corporation and Neenah Enterprises in Chicago today as part of the NAM’s Executive Insights Series. Panelists discussed several manufacturing priorities, but at the top of that list was passage of a Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill.

As the president and Congress continue to seek a path forward on TPA, it’s important to understand how crucial this legislation is to enabling market-opening trade deals that level the playing field for manufacturers in the U.S., drive manufacturing growth and the economy, and create and support high-paying jobs here at home. Read More

Leadership Insights Series Stops in Charlotte

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In the third event of NAM’s 2015 Executive Insights Series, NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons took the stage in Charlotte, NC, alongside leading manufacturers for a panel discussion on the role of manufacturing in the success of country.

The importance of manufacturing was echoed by the entire panel which included the CEO of Ingersoll-Rand and President of Textron Industrial Segment and Textron Tools. Contributing more than $2 trillion to the American economy, manufacturing has propelled the U.S. to the forefront of leadership, allowing our country to continuously rise by creating more jobs, developing more products, and by providing a platform for continued innovation.  Read More

Executive Insights Rolls into Dallas

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As part of NAM’s Executive Insights Series, manufacturing executives from Toyota Motors, Williams RDM and Texas Instruments joined NAM’s Jay Timmons  and Erin Streeter today on a panel in Dallas.  From automotive parts to power electronics across every industry, the panelists agreed that manufacturing is everywhere. America’s success depends on manufacturing’s success.

In fact, manufacturing contributes over $2 trillion to the American economy every year, and we are creating more jobs and making more products than ever before. And that’s not even including manufacturers’ indirect influence on the economy. One manufacturing dollar adds one dollar and thirty-seven cents to the economy, and one manufacturing job can lead to the creation of three to five other jobs in supporting industries. Read More