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Dobbs Thought We Devoted Websites to Him? Crazy, Man

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From The Huffington Post, quoting former CNN TV personality Lou Dobbs from an August 14 radio interview:

The left wing, this time, is just as committed as the right wing used to be, coming after me for talking about free trade policies and they wanted to absolutely destroy me, and the National Association of Manufacturers dedicating entire websites to me because I was criticizing manufacturing policies — or the lack of a manufacturing policy. This is just crazy stuff.

Yeah, crazy.

Now, it’s true Shopfloor’s creator, Pat Cleary, created a “Dobbs Watch” category and liked to ding Dobbs for his more inane statements, especially his protectionist pronouncements. But the last time Shopfloor mentioned him before today was June 2008.

Anyway, we call those “posts,” Lou…”blog posts.”

Executive Compensation Climbs, Bringing Protests

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College Presidents Cashing In, Study Says:

The number of college and university presidents taking home eye-popping paychecks continues to climb – even as more and more students have trouble paying their tuition bills.

Fifty-nine presidents of public universities reeled in more than $500,000 in salary and benefits during the 2007-08 academic year, more than double the number who broke the half-million mark three years earlier, according to a survey by the Chronicle of Higher Education released on Monday.

Really? Why hasn’t Congress written compensation caps into the law? After all, hundreds of millions of federal dollars flow to these bloated, inefficient institutions every year.

More seriously, this brings us back to a point that came up in a talk at the American Enterprise Institute by Charles Murray, author of Real Education, which criticizes the nation’s emphasis on a four-year baccalaureate degree as the only education worth having.

If that’s so, and a structure of technical education with certification is a preferable system generally, then how do we get there from here? Universities and colleges are entrenched institutions, economically and politically.

Murray suggested many of the colleges would price themselves out of existence.

See Washington Post, October 30, “Cost of Higher Education Heading Up