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The Convention Circus

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Election buzz is in the air as next week the political party conventions begin. Starting with the Republican National Convention July 18-21 in Cleveland followed by the Democratic National Convention July 25-28 in Philadelphia, both Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take center stage at their party’s events.

In a special campaign edition of ShopTalk, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Senior Vice President of Communications Erin Streeter sat down to discuss the conventions with NAM Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Relations Aric Newhouse and Senior Vice President of External Relations Ned Monroe. Interested in learning more? Here’s what you need to know ahead of both conventions. Read More

NAM-PAC Events Have Raised More Than $1 Million

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Since the inception of the National Association of Manufacturers Political Action Committee (NAM-PAC) in January 2013, we are proud to report that PAC events have raised more than $1 million to support members of Congress and candidates who have established themselves as proven champions in supporting a pro-manufacturing agenda. Thus far, the NAM-PAC has held 62 events for members and candidates on both sides of the aisle, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI-1), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23) and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD-5), Sens. Rob Portman (R-OH) and Chris Coons (D-DE) and Reps. Pat Tiberi (R-OH-12) and Ron Kind (D-WI-3) just to name a few.

We are very proud of reaching this tremendous milestone and extremely grateful to NAM member company political action committees that have joined us in supporting these campaigns.

Proudly, the PAC has a strong history of supporting incumbent manufacturing champions facing difficult primary and general election campaigns as well as challengers who have committed to pursuing an NAM-friendly agenda once elected to Congress. The NAM-PAC is committed to supporting candidates who stand firm on their promises to create a policy environment in the United States that encourages growth and innovation.

For the remaining six months of this critical 2016 election cycle, the NAM-PAC will look to build upon our already successful efforts to assist campaigns of members of Congress who consistently support the manufacturing industry. To create high-paying manufacturing jobs and grow our economy, it is imperative that manufacturers stand together to elect candidates who are willing to fight for manufacturing interests in Congress.

If you have questions about the NAM-PAC or our events, contact Erik Rosedahl at or (202) 637-3054.

Research shows Employees Value Legislative Communication from their Employers

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Companies tend to communicate actively with employees about many workplace issues, but how actively are you sharing political communication with your employees? Recent research by the Business Industry Political Action Committee ( shows that employees find their employers to be three times more credible than any other source when it comes to political issues.

Whether it is through email, a website, or posted communication throughout the shop floor, employees value their employer’s political information (35 percent) far more than that of political parties (12 percent) and labor unions (1 percent), respectively.

Your team members want to hear how political issues and elections will affect their job, company, and industry directly from their employer – you. BIPAC’s 2011-2012 Market Research Report shows that 75 percent of employees find the information provided by their employer useful and helpful, and that the information made them more likely to vote or to be involved politically.

An average of 51% of employees likes to receive weekly or monthly updates from their employers – this is a tremendous opportunity for you to communicate and connect with your employees! So what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to tell your workers about how legislation, politics and elections impact your bottom line.  Keep the information non-partisan, fair and balanced, but your employees will welcome information.  If you need help, the NAM has information and resources available for you to use with your employees. Let’s work together to keep the voice of manufacturing strong – by including your employees in the conversation!

Ned Monroe is senior vice president of external relations, National Association of Manufacturers.

The Congress – A Strengthened Status Quo

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As election night moves on, it’s becoming clear that the division within the chambers of Congress will expand.

The results in for the Senate thus far indicate that the Democratic pickups in Indiana, Massachusetts and Maine put them on pace to break even or increase their hold on the Senate. From the outset, it was clear that in order for the Republicans to have a chance at gaining the majority, they needed to hold their endangered seats and garner victories with their challengers – a scenario that didn’t happen.

The House side seems to be a mirror image – it appears that the Republicans may gain seats, including the surprising victory of Andy Barr in Kentucky.

The path to victory for Governor Romney has significantly narrowed with his failure to break through in the longtime Democratic strongholds of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The future of both campaigns rests with what was the status quo a month ago – it comes down to Florida, Ohio and a handful of swing states.

At this point, for fans of the status quo, both in Congress and the electoral map, it’s been a good night.

Looking for Trends Among the Early Returns

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While only the most obvious of races and states have been called, some interesting subplots are beginning to develop.

A potential trend that has been largely drowned out by the Presidential campaign has been the anti-incumbent sentiment that we’ve seen over the past three election cycles.

In early returns, there are indications those feelings haven’t subsided. In Kentucky 06, Andy Barr is looking strong against Democrat incumbent Rep. Ben Chandler.

As I previously predicted, we may be looking at an extremely large class of freshmen in the 113th Congress. While it’s very early, is there a chance that Andy Barr may be an early member of that incoming group?

Another early trend that appears to have legs is the “War on Coal” effect. Counties in Pennsylvania and West Virginia are reflecting a determined effort by voters to beat back the candidates supportive of overregulation that threatens to put coal plants out of business and deprive the United States of a plentiful source of domestic energy. In a race that has seemed to be overwhelmingly national, this certainly is a prime example of subset economic issues driving local elections.

We are watching three coal counties in Virginia, and they are outperforming for Romney over previous election cycles.

Great Expectations – Election Night Version

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It is now, to paraphrase, all over but the counting.

As we head into what is expected to be a long night, I wanted to let you know that the NAM will be offering rapid reaction and analysis throughout the evening on key federal races.

Here are some quick hits and expectations at the outset of tonight, one of the most important elections of our lifetimes.

Regardless of what happens at the top of the ticket, I believe this election will bring with it the election of perhaps more than 70 freshman members of the House and Senate – offering at least the potential of breaking through the partisan logjam that has enveloped Washington in recent years.

A re-election of President Obama will almost certainly mean the Democrats retaining control of the Senate and Republicans staying on top in the House.

But a selection of Governor Romney as our new President could very well mean a swing in Senate control – depending on his margin of victory.

Both candidates for President spent a great deal of time talking about manufacturing, but the down-ticket House races represent an opportunity for manufacturing to really make their voices heard and it will be exciting to track these results as they unfold.

One thing is certain – in this campaign, the voice of manufacturing has been heard more clearly than ever.

Ned Monroe is senior vice president of external affairs, National Association of Manufacturers.

Make Your Voice Heard During the August Recess

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August has just begun and after completing a deal on raising the debt ceiling Congress has officially left town for the next five weeks. However, our work is not finished.

After leading the economic recovery manufacturers have seen evidence over the past few weeks that the recovery is stalling and manufacturing growth is slowing. Manufacturers need policies from Washington now that will help us create jobs.

Specifically, Congress left town without addressing three free trade agreements, overregulation and tax policy, which just leads to more uncertainty for manufacturers. Please click here to tell Congress that these important issues will have a deep impact on manufacturers, jobs and our nation’s economy.

We ask you to join our August recess campaign to tell Congress that Manufacturing Means Jobs! Will you visit to join the campaign and find more information on how you can get involved?

Ned Monroe is senior vice president of external relations, National Association of Manufacturers.