The NAM Supports Reform of the New Source Review Program

Today, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment held a markup and approved the New Source Review Permitting Improvement Act of 2018, a bill that would reform the New Source Review (NSR) Program. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) continues to reinforce its support for the legislation, as it would remove barriers that prevent manufacturers from investing in efficiency upgrades and installing modern pollution-control equipment at their facilities. In May, the NAM testified before the subcommittee in support of the legislation and streamlining air-quality control regulations that are focused on the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturers are committed to clean air, but we need policies that support a sustainable environment and economy. The New Source Review Permitting Improvement Act of 2018 reforms how the NSR program works with existing sources by clarifying which types of facility modifications require an owner to obtain an NSR permit and will provide more certainty to companies seeking to invest in and improve existing facilities. Importantly, the legislation also includes provisions that make it easier for facility owners to carry out pollution-control projects as well as projects designed to improve, restore or maintain the safety or reliability of a facility.

American industry has established a strong record in making substantial investments to minimize their environmental footprint and continue to do so today. In fact, over the past decade, manufacturers have reduced emissions by 10 percent even as our value to the economy has increased 19 percent. However, improving air quality has not been an easy path forward due to the way in which the NSR program has been implemented. U.S. industry and regulators continue to struggle with the complex requirements of the NSR program, which is slowing economic growth, job creation, technological innovation and the nation’s ability to modernize infrastructure.

The NAM is committed to the ongoing national effort to protect our environment and improve public health through appropriate laws and regulations. This is why reforming the NSR permitting process is so critical to manufacturers, and Congress must continue to move forward with this effort. With the subcommittee’s approval of the bill today, the measure will now proceed to the full House Energy and Commerce Committee for consideration.

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