We Asked 8 Manufacturers At MakeTime Inc. To Describe Modern Manufacturing In One Word

By February 13, 2018General, Shopfloor Main

Day Two of the NAM’s State of Manufacturing Tour 2018 took us to MakeTime Inc., a manufacturing software companythat helps manufacturers make money off of their idle equipment by matching them with other manufacturers who can utilize it.

“This isn’t your grandfather’s manufacturing industry anymore,” Kasey Hall, MakeTime’s director of marketing, told NAM. “The types of jobs and opportunities are much more diverse. We’re showing that manufacturing today is about technology.”

One thing that struck us most about MakeTime Inc. was their workforce: their start-up vibe office was full of young, diverse employees passionate both about technology, manufacturing and how their work is helping others.

We asked eight of their employees to describe what they think “manufacturing is” in just one word. Here are some of the answers we got!

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