New York–Based Manufacturer Explains Why Tax Reform Will Help His Business Hire and Expand

By December 6, 2017Shopfloor Main

Comprehensive tax reform will not only boost the economy and jobs, but will also create more opportunities for workers and manufacturers in New York to grow and expand their businesses.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, more than 64 percent of manufacturers said pro-growth tax reform would help them expand their businesses and increase capital spending. New York manufacturers are on board with that plan and thank Rep. John Katko (R-NY-24) for standing up for manufacturers in the state by deciding to vote in favor of the tax bill.

George Ehegartner, Jr. is the vice president of engineering at Infitec, Inc., a company based in Syracuse, New York, that creates electronic controls and systems. He discussed with us how tax reform will help his business and employees:

Q: What will tax reform mean to your company in terms of investment, hiring and growing the business?

A: Tax reform will mean more capital to maintain or replace aging machines and to hire new workers to both operate machines and hand-craft various parts of our products. Administrative staff is also needed to operate the back end of the business.

Q: As a business owner, what would you do with the money from tax reform?

A: Cover rising labor costs caused by the increase in minimum wages and re-invest in research and development and manufacturing facilities.

Q: Why should Congress pass tax reform now?

A: It would improve the overall economic climate, ease the burden of financial stress and allow hardworking Americans to prosper for their hard efforts.

How will tax reform help your business? Share your tax reform story with us here or contact your representative about tax reform below!



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