NAM’s Executive Insights Series Makes Its First 2016 Stop in North Carolina

Manufacturing executives gathered in North Carolina today for a panel discussion on innovation, the future of manufacturing and key policies. The panel was hosted by John Ferriola, chairman, CEO and president of Nucor Corporation; other participants included Jay Timmons, NAM president and CEO; Matt Barr, chairman and CEO of Carolina Color Corporation; and John Lundgren, chairman and CEO of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., and NAM Board vice chair.

Heading into a presidential election year, panelists discussed policies that candidates should be prioritizing to promote growth in the manufacturing sector. Last week, the NAM released a roadmap for political candidates, “Competing to Win: Manufacturers’ Agenda for Economic Growth and American Exceptionalism.”


One top priority panelists expanded on was improving and modernizing our nation’s infrastructure system. In North Carolina, a booming population is putting a severe strain on the state’s roads, trains, planes and ports. Unfortunately, this problem spans across the United States. The nation’s decaying infrastructure is outdated and has been facing a decline in capital spending for the past decade, due in no small part to gridlock in Washington.

The infrastructure agenda for 2016 should prioritize critical infrastructure projects, address issues with ports and waterways, limit transportation regulation so that critical services are not prohibited and ensure the highest safety and efficiency standards for our aviation system. In addition, the length of time it takes to pass transportation authorizations through Congress is unacceptable. Weak infrastructure and continued stop-start efforts make it impossible for manufacturers to plan for the future, endanger productivity and make it difficult to compete head-to-head with companies and countries across the globe.

Panelist discuss innovation, manufacturing and policy concerns at Charlotte, North Carolina event. Photo: D.Bohrer/ NAM

Panelists discuss innovation, manufacturing and policy concerns at the Charlotte event. Photo: D.Bohrer/NAM

However, improving our nation’s outdated infrastructure is just one problem on a list of many. Policy priorities for manufacturers also include modernizing our nation’s tax code, promoting open and fair trade, capitalizing on the energy renaissance, adapting labor policies for a 21st-century workforce, comprehensive immigration reform, decreasing health care costs and reducing regulatory and legal barriers—just to name a few.

Manufacturing is the backbone of our economy and represents the core values of our nation with principles of free enterprise, competition, individual liberty and equal opportunity.

Mallory Micetich

Mallory Micetich

Director or Media Relations at National Association of Manufacturers
Mallory Micetich is the Director or Media Relations at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the nation’s largest industrial trade association and the leading voice for the manufacturing sector in the United States. She is responsible for coordinating media strategy and communications to promote the NAM’s policy agenda. Ms. Micetich specifically focuses on media relating to the following policy areas: Energy and Resources Policy, Human Resources Policy, which includes key topics like immigration, healthcare and workforce issues, Infrastructure Policy and Regulatory Reform. Ms. Micetich also coordinates media for the Manufacturer’s Center for Legal Action.
Mallory Micetich

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