Manufacturers File Second Suit Against EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Today, the Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action filed a second lawsuit as part of our fight against the EPA’s overreaching regulations on energy. Earlier this year, we filed suit against the portion of the Obama Administration’s “Clean Power Plan” that would impose restrictions on existing power plants. Now, we’re arguing against the regulation on new power plants, which will limit access to new energy sources for manufacturers and for all Americans.

As we’ve noted before on Shopfloor, manufacturers have long demonstrated their commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Since 2005, manufacturers’ annual GHG emissions have fallen by more than 10 percent while our value added to the economy has increased by 26 percent. We are producing more, while emitting less. In addition, manufacturers’ technological innovations and ingenuity have been integral in U.S. annual emissions falling by 700 million tons since 2005, which is a reduction greater than any other nation in the world.

U.S. manufacturers can and will continue to add value and jobs to the economy, while developing the next generation of energy and environmental technologies; however, we need policies that support the continued development of all fuels and technologies and do not siphon their contribution to our sustainable energy future by banning them at the permitting stage.

In assigning its GHG reduction requirements for power plants, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called for reductions beyond what a single plant owner can do at his or her own facility. Equally as concerning is the precedent this rule—establishing unachievable performance standards—will set for future rules of manufacturing sectors absent intervention by the courts.

Learn more about the negative effects and the dangerous precedent of the EPA’s misguided energy regulations here.

Quentin Riegel

Quentin Riegel

Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at National Association of Manufacturers
Quentin Riegel is the vice president and deputy general counsel for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). As part of the Manufacturers' Center for Legal Action, Mr. Riegel works to strengthen the NAM's ability to promote manufacturing policy objectives through litigation. He also serves as general counsel for the Council on Competitiveness, a group of CEOs, university presidents and labor leaders working to ensure America's competitiveness. Mr. Riegel has been in the General Counsel's office since 1980.
Quentin Riegel

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