For Innovators like Texas Instruments, Extenders Matter

From sensors and data converters to car stereos and calculators, NAM member Texas Instruments produces a wide array of cutting edge technology that ultimately improves our lives and, for some, our math homework.  Yesterday, Texas Instruments CFO Kevin March posted a blog emphasizing the importance of renewing the R&D tax credit as one of the many tax extenders awaiting congressional action before the end of the year.  The blog provides a real-world example of how an innovative company is affected by the expiration of the R&D credit and, like so many manufacturers across the country, is calling on Congress to move to extend these provisions before the end of the year.  Read the full blog by clicking here.

March writes that Congress can “begin to restore our global research and development leadership—by renewing the credit for as long as possible or by adopting the global trend of permanency.”  We couldn’t agree more.

The NAM, along with members of the Broad Tax Extenders Coalition—a group made up of over 2,000 companies, non-profits, coalitions and associations, continue to urge Congress to give job creation and competitiveness a boost by acting on a permanent or multi-year extension of the expired tax provisions.  Read more about manufacturers’ call latest action on tax extenders by clicking here, and for more information on the NAM’s efforts advocating for pro-growth tax policies, please visit the NAM’s webpage on tax and budget issues.

Jennifer Drogus

Jennifer Drogus

Director or Media Relations at National Association of Manufacturers
Jennifer Drogus is the Director of Media Relations at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the nation’s largest industrial trade association and the leading voice for the manufacturing sector in the United States. She is responsible for coordinating media and strategic communications to promote the NAM’s policy agenda. Ms. Drogus specifically focuses on media relating to International Economic Affairs, Tax and Domestic Economic Policy, which includes key topics such as trade, investment policy issues and economic conditions for the manufacturing sector.Ms. Drogus also coordinates media for the NAM’s Chief Economist.
Jennifer Drogus

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