You have been AMBUSHED – by the NLRB

Despite our best efforts and after a four year battle, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)’s “Ambush Election” rule will go into effect today, Tuesday, April 14th.

This rule shortens the time frame before a union election robbing employees of the ability to gather the facts they need to make an informed decision and infringes in employee privacy requiring them to supply home addresses, telephone numbers, emails, work locations, shifts and job classifications.

This rule is an example of the NLRB’s extreme and political agenda. Upturning this existing labor law flies in the face of the NLRB’s own data which showed that elections are being held without issue or delay.

As you know, the NAM filed suit challenging the Ambush Election rule in federal district court in DC and we remain hopeful that the judge will overturn the rule in the near future.  In addition, the judge in a second suit, which was filed in federal district court in Texas, has scheduled a hearing for April 24, ensuring there will not be a decision in that case in the next week.

Joe Trauger, NAM’s Vice President of Human Resources Policy said “Today the NLRB’s aggressive agenda takes hold in workplaces around the United States with the implementation of the Ambush Election rule. This regulation not only limits workers access to information but it is also an unprecedented breach of privacy by force of the government. Manufacturers are committed to fighting this regulation until all options are exhausted.”

To learn more about this regulation and what if means for manufacturers, click here.

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