2015 Leadership Engagement Series Commences in Pittsburgh

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons joined leading manufacturers in Pittsburgh today for a panel discussion on the importance and success of manufacturing to the U.S. economy and jobs, and what manufacturers, lawmakers, and all Americans can do to ensure its future prosperity.

It’s no secret that America depends on the success of manufacturing—agreed the panelists and CEOs from PPG Industries, WESCO International, Irex Corporation and SKF USA and Kaydon Corporation. Manufacturing in the U.S. is creating more jobs than ever before and contributing more than $2 trillion to the U.S. economy each year. In Pennsylvania alone manufacturers  account for 12.00 percent of the total output in the state, employing 9.72 percent of the workforce. Total output from manufacturing was $77.37 billion in 2013. Our manufacturers are innovators and problem-solvers who depend on four key principles to succeed: free enterprise, competitiveness, individual liberty, and equal opportunity.


These principles also happen to be the foundation of America, but when it comes to matching our principles with our policies…there is work to be done. Regulations today are too complex and unnecessarily burdensome and costly. It’s time to streamline them and increase transparency. The U.S. also needs a pro-growth tax plan with lower tax rates for the manufacturers who lead our economy. And we must promote free and fair trade, as 95% of the world’s customers are living outside the U.S. To this point, we also need the government to invest in our aging infrastructure to ensure we can reach these foreign customers and compete in the global marketplace. In addition, we need diverse energy options, immigration reform, health care and legal reform. The list is long but necessary and with the right improvements everyone wins.

In order to keep manufacturing and America thriving, we need the right public policy. Manufacturers must raise their voices and urge our elected officials to work together to create an environment that encourages innovation and investment…

Pittsburgh is the first stop on NAM’s second annual Leadership Engagement Series—which will include nine more events throughout the spring and summer in leading manufacturing cities. Follow NAM on Twitter (@ShopFloorNAM) for more information on our next stop in Dallas, TX! 

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