GlobalFoundries Taking Steps to Drive Future Innovation

By October 21, 2014General

GlobalFoundries is bringing computer chip design in-house, opening the doors for new business and growth. Acquiring the business from IBM’s Vermont and New York locations is a boon for GlobalFoundries innovation – gaining customers and, importantly, the institutional expertise of 5,000 researchers and engineers. This partnership between IBM and GlobalFoundries will not only preserve these manufacturing jobs, but will leverage IBM’s commitment to R&D and GlobalFoundries’ ability to develop and enable technologies

Driving the next generation of innovation and game-changing products is a critical to maintaining manufacturers’ in the U.S. mantle of leadership. Manufacturing today is sleek, advanced, and technological. The ability to stay ahead of the competition and innovating at every turn will define the future of manufacturing and it’s great to see GlobalFoundries, like many others, is taking pro-active steps to ensure future growth. Manufacturing is making a comeback and we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

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