House Committee Fights Back Against Ambush Elections

By April 9, 2014Labor Unions

The “Ambush Election” rule is back and the National Labor Relations Board just closed the comment period. In a demonstration of how quickly they want this rule in effect, they’re beginning their hearing on the rule tomorrow. Now, this isn’t shocking, given the overreach and radical agenda of the NLRB has been a top concern for manufacturers for several years. The NAM has looked to push back against that overreach in all areas – we’ve been successful in the courts – and legislative solutions are an important aspect of this fight.

We know that the “ambush election” rule will change the way union elections are held, speeding up the process to the detriment of employers and employees – an unnecessary step when the vast majority of all union elections are held in a timely manner. The NAM greatly appreciates the leadership of the House Education and Workforce Committee and their efforts to stem the tide of this overreach. Chairman John Kline has put forth a bill that would protect against the harmfully short timelines of “ambush elections.” Rep. Phil Roe’s bill steps up to defend against the forced disclosure of private information about employee and their families.

Both bills were passed out of committee today – an important step in combating the damage that “ambush elections” would have on labor relations and the fairness of union elections.

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