Help Wanted: Millennials Manufacture the Future

By April 2, 2014General

Millennials are expected to encompass one-third of the eligible electorate in the United States by 2016. They are the future of our country—and the future of the manufacturing workforce.

The need to recruit millennials into the manufacturing army is greater than ever before. Our mantle of economic leadership relies on their drive and determination, and that impact will only increase in the coming years. However, after asking some millennials what manufacturing means to them, and it’s clear they had a lot to learn about the industry.

This is the time for manufacturers to show the next generation of innovators the opportunities and benefits within the manufacturing sector.  Manufacturing is making a comeback, and we need to engage millennials now rather than later.

Watch to learn more on millennial thoughts on manufacturing here:

Help Wanted: Millennials Manufacture the Future

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