Dirty Jobs No More – Manufacturing is a Career on the Cutting Edge

You may know him from “Dirty Jobs,” but today Mike Rowe was on Capitol Hill today testifying on anything but. Rowe hit the Hill today to speak before the House Resources Committee hearing, on “American Energy Jobs: Opportunities for Skilled Trades Workers.”

His resource center, mikeroweWORKS, launched in 2008, mirrors many of the initiatives undertaken by the NAM and the Manufacturing Institute. We’re all about challenging thing stereotypes that surround manufacturing and ensuring that our nation knows that a manufacturing job means a good paycheck, benefits, and a career on the cutting edge. The skills gap that has left hundreds of thousands of jobs unfilled is making America less competitive. The NAM and the Institute are working to get our nation’s youth the skills and certifications they need to achieve their goals. And while we do that, we’re changing people’s perception of manufacturing, a step at a time.

People like Mike Rowe, who lend their voice to this critical effort, deserve our applause and appreciation. Together, we can show the world that manufacturing in the U.S. is sleek, technology driven, and a pretty great place to make your career.

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