Marlin Steel Moves Forward to Close the Skills Gap

By March 20, 2014General

“These is my team, I’m dedicated to their success. We’re all in this together.…  We’re doing our part in Baltimore, we’re doing our part in Maryland. The American manufacturing renaissance is happening, and we’re an example of it.” ~ Drew Greenblatt, President of Marlin Steel and Executive Committee Member of the NAM.

Marlin Steel, a Baltimore based manufacturer of wire baskets and precision metal work has been honored by the Hitachi Foundation for their transformative business practices. Across the United States, manufacturers are struggling to find the skilled workers they need to compete – Marlin Steel has developed a “skills matrix” that has worked wonders for the company and its employees. Greenblatt has invested in his employees and it has paid off in spades. The program  includes: Incentivizing employees by tying training to pay increases and promotions; Emphasizing cross-training, so that employees fit in a flexible production system, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently to changing customer demands; and Creating a career ladder that boosts retention of high-quality employees.

The Hitachi Foundation, along with the Precision Metalforming Association has produced an outstanding video that tells the story of Marlin Steel and its workers. They’re closing the skills gap through innovation and investing in themselves. It’s well worth watching – more than once in my opinion.

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