CNBC Highlights Coal Ripple Effect on Manufacturers

By March 21, 2014Economy, Energy

Earlier this week, CNBC traveled to Decker, Montana to visit the Spring Creek Mine, a 9,000 acre site near the Wyoming-Montana state line owned by Cloud Peak Energy.

Dubbing it the ‘coal ripple effect,’ CNBC highlighted the enormous impact that coal production activities have on the manufacturing supply chain and the jobs that are supported by the industry.

For example, LNH Industrial of Gillette, Wyoming manufactures the 90 ton buckets at the end of the electric shovels. Thirty percent of LNH’s business is derived from coal-related activities and owner Joel Christophersen also highlighted the numerous ancillary businesses that depend on the industry.

While production is seeing a turnaround, CNBC also notes the numerous issues the industry experiences with regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency and delays in getting approval for export permits. Watch a segment below from CNBC on the ‘Coal Ripple Effect.’

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