Administration Backs Down on Harmful Proposal

On Monday, the Administration walked back almost all of a proposed regulation that would have significantly damaged the Medicare Part D Program. The NAM had filed comments three days before asking for withdrawal of the proposed rule. The Administration, responding to significant criticism about the proposal stated, “Given the complexities of these issues and stakeholder input, we do not plan to finalize these proposals at this time.”  This is a positive step forward in the ongoing effort to preserve the Part D program – one of the rare government programs that is popular and runs significantly under budget.

This is, however, a short-term victory. The Administration also noted that they may revisit the proposal in the future. The NAM will remain vigilant against the changes outlined in the January 10 Proposed Rule. Many of the issues presented were a clear violation of legislative intent and would have increased costs to manufacturers through cost-shifting and program expansion.

A link to the NAM comment can be found here.


Christine Scullion

Christine Scullion

Director of Human Resources Policy at National Association of Manufacturers
Christine Scullion is the director of human resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Mrs. Scullion  oversees the NAM’s human resources policy work and has expertise on issues ranging from health care, immigration, workforce and education issues and the federal rulemaking process.  Mrs. Scullion’ s background includes policy and government relations experience on a range key health care, immigration and workforce issues. Mrs. Scullion received her MBA from the Rutgers and undergraduate degree from Penn State University.
Christine Scullion

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