Timmons Addresses Waterways Council

By February 11, 2014General

Today, NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons addressed stakeholders and small businesses at the Waterways Council’s Washington Seminar. The seminar focused on issues that impact inland waterways, including legislation, policy priorities and the Army Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Programs.

Chief among these policy priorities is reauthorization of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). Manufacturers rely on the nation’s waterways for competitiveness, which is why WRDA reauthorization is top priority for the NAM.

Jay at WaterwaysTimmons highlighted this issue today, noting that “manufacturers rely on waterways to receive the inputs they need to make their products and then to ship their products to market. Infrastructure, whether waterways, roads, rail or airways, is a competitiveness issue, and one on which our members want us to be engaged.”

Manufacturers from a broad range of sectors and industries rely on our nation’s waterways and ports to bring their products to market. The NAM recently highlighted many of these manufactures in our WRDA blog series, Its All Connected.

The NAM is hopeful that WRDA conferees can soon come to an agreement on a package that will help manufacturers grow, create jobs and compete.

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