NAM’s Eisenberg Headlines Politico Panel

By February 6, 2014Economy, Energy

NAM Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy Ross Eisenberg participated
in an event hosted by Politico which brought together House and Senate members
along with industry leaders to discuss energy policy.

Photo by David Bohrer, NAM

Photo by David Bohrer, NAM

The event, entitled Energy Policy and the 113th Congress, included discussions
on energy independence, national energy security and international trade of

During the panel, Eisenberg highlighted manufacturers’ support of the
Portman-Shaheen energy efficiency legislation and called on Congress to act on
the measure.

He also touched on the President’s Climate Action Plan, specifically his
proposal to regulate greenhouse gases (GHGs) under the Clean Air Act.

Recently,the NAM announced a coalition of over 80 organizations and 26 states who are
coming together to advocate for a commonsense approach to GHG policies in order
to ensure the continued availability of affordable and reliable energy for
American families and businesses.

When asked about the Keystone XL Pipeline, Eisenberg stated plainly that it’s
time for the President to keep his promise to cut red tape and approve this
job-creating infrastructure project.

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