Ambassador Kirk Joins CASEnergy Coalition

By February 6, 2014Economy, Energy

Earlier today the CASEnergy Coalition introduced Ambassador Ron Kirk as the new co-chair. Ambassador Kirk’s experience as the U.S. Trade Ambassador will provide the coalition with important insights on job-training programs, careers in the nuclear industry and the importance of access to global markets.  CASEnergy’s mission is to work with its partners and member to better help education the public on the benefits and importance of nuclear power.

Nuclear energy plays an important role in our country’s energy mix by providing almost 20 percent of electricity. Nuclear energy is clean, sustainable and will be an integral part of our energy portfolio for years to come. Nuclear energy jobs are good jobs and we need to train the next generation of nuclear workers.

Ambassador Kirk understands the need to create jobs and the role that expanding our overseas markets will play in that job creation process. He will be a strong, respected voice with the Obama Administration and Congress. The NAM is excited to have him as part of the nuclear energy team and looks forward to continuing to work with Governor Whitman, Ambassador Kirk and CASEnergy on all of these issues.

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