Manufacturers Highlight Infrastructure at Congressional Hearing

U.S. surface transportation is failing to keep pace with the global marketplace, and it’s time to develop federal surface transportation reauthorization legislation that enhances our nation’s infrastructure system and enables manufacturers to compete globally. That was the message today from Caterpillar Group President Stu Levenick.

Levenick, who was testifying at a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing on building the foundation for the next Surface Transportation Reauthorization, focused on manufacturers’ need for expansion and modernization of our nation’s transportation network:

“Whether the export opportunities are in our hemisphere or on the other side of the world, the goods we seek to sell must travel through a multi-modal transportation system that includes roads, rail, water and air. America needs a multi-year surface transportation reauthorization so that we can begin to rebuild our infrastructure and get back on the road to competitiveness.”

This past September, the NAM released a survey of more than 400 manufacturers, which found a majority believe American infrastructure is in fair or poor shape, while roads in particular are getting worse. In his testimony, Levenick addressed how the current state of our infrastructure compares to our global competitors:

“While other parts of the world are integrating and modernizing their infrastructure to meet the economic challenges of the 21st century, we are failing to act comprehensively and decisively.”

Manufacturers will continue to rally support for broad-based, jobs-creating investment in upgrades, expansion and modernization of our nation’s transportation network.

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