Turning Back the Clock Is Not An Option With the ACA

By November 14, 2013Health Care

Time travel has been the subject of some truly excellent fantasy stories – and it’s pretty reasonable to think that, at some point in their lives, everyone wishes that they had the opportunity to go back in time and change history. With the unfortunate start to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it seems that the White House wouldn’t mind having access to that technology.

In today’s press conference, President Obama announced that he will allow plans that have already been cancelled in the individual and small group markets to be renewed for the next year. If we were able to turn back the clock this might be an effective remedy, but the reality is that you can’t unscramble eggs. It’s a band-aid approach that reinforces the fact that at the very least, the Affordable Care Act was and is not nearly ready for primetime.

The solution offered today doesn’t fix a fundamentally flawed policy – it doesn’t lower costs and fails to address the difficulties that manufacturers continue to endure just to keep offering health coverage to their employees.

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