NAM’s Dempsey Hailed as Trade Guru by Hill Newspaper

By November 26, 2013Economy, Trade

Today, NAM Vice President for International Economic Affairs Linda Dempsey was featured in a profile by The Hill newspaper for her work to advance global trade, economic growth and job creation.

Describing Dempsey’s work as an “advocate of free trade” who “remains focused on the bigger picture of how the benefits of trade can reach into the United States and world economies,” the article chronicles her career path leading up the NAM.  Over the past several years, Dempsey has seen trade policy from numerous viewpoints, from  Trade Counsel to the Senate Finance Committee and trade lawyer to her stint in the Peace Corps in West Africa, to her work at the NAM.

The article also hails Dempsey as a bridge builder, noting that “her intellect and her passion put Dempsey in a unique position to change minds in a city of few bipartisan efforts.”  To read more about what the NAM is doing on Trade, click here.

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