NAM Board Member Tells Senate Committee What’s Wrong with ACA Right Now

By November 20, 2013Health Care

The ongoing issues with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are no secret to anyone – each day newspapers, cable news, and radio are publicizing the rising costs, cancelled plans and serious technical issues that have accompanied implementation. The NAM had long predicted these very problems and continues to try to work to ensure positive solutions are acted up by Congress.

Today the NAM again offered their voice – this time with Drew Greenblatt, President and owner of Marlin Steel and NAM Board Member, telling his story of the outrageous price increases his company is facing as he tries to continue to offer his employees high quality coverage. Mr. Greenblatt testified before the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee and shared his personal story. He also shared his ideas on how to improve the health care system in an article in  The hearing, entitled “Affordable Care Act Implementation: Examining How to Achieve a Successful Rollout of the Small Business Exchanges,” featured small business owners along with representatives responsible for the exchanges in their states.

Mr. Greenblatt commented that the issues he’s facing, a potential 49% increase in premiums, are unfortunately not unique to manufacturers. 97% of NAM member provide health care coverage to their employees and they are all faced with rising costs and other implementation issues. He said, “I want to provide health coverage for my employees and their families, and I have, but because of the law, the coverage I wanted is no longer available to me because it is unaffordable.”

In the end, Marlin Steel had to change plans for different insurance – yet he will still face a premium increase of 10%. These results are unacceptable and contradict the purpose of the ACA – lower costs and increased access.

As Mr. Greenblatt said, “I am well-aware that the Affordable Care Act is law and it is not going to go away or change without bipartisan legislation. On behalf of the NAM, I urge Members of Congress and the Senate on both sides of the aisle to take an honest look at all health laws that are not working, this one included, and fix them… Practical, real-world approaches to changing the system are what we need.


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