Manufacturers Emphasize Importance of Infrastructure Investment and Trade Liberalization at APEC Summit

By October 3, 2013Economy, Trade

This week NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons and Vice President for International Economic Affairs Linda Dempsey travel to Bali, Indonesia for the Asia–Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit that takes place in tandem with the APEC Leaders meeting.

At the summit, the NAM will be partnering with the National Center for APEC (NCAPEC) and the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) in releasing a report highlighting opportunities for much more significant growth in infrastructure investment in the Asia Pacific. With over $11 trillion in unmet infrastructure needs throughout the region, all APEC economies can and should do more to modernize and develop new infrastructure to meet the needs of their populations and to expand connectivity and opportunities in a growing and highly competitive global marketplace. Manufacturers could see enormous new opportunities in the region if the Asia-Pacific economies prioritize and implement policies to attract investment in infrastructure, from transportation networks, electricity and clean water to broadband and internet connectivity. The NAM is looking to prompt not only discussion but government action to boost infrastructure investments here in the United States and throughout the APEC region.

Jay and Linda will also meet with a number of business leaders and trade and economic officials from many of the APEC economies. During their discussions – which will range from infrastructure to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations – they will emphasize the importance of APEC’s work in opening markets, liberalizing trade and embracing best practices and policy recommendations that will advance growth in all our economies.

Jay and Linda will be focused on manufacturers’ trade and investment priorities, including seeking trade policies and agreements that provide concrete new market access, eliminate barriers and enshrine strong rules to promote innovation and growth, including on transparency, intellectual property and investment, that will also promote a stronger rules-based trading system.

Jessica Lemos is the Director for International Trade Policy at the NAM 

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