Lawmakers, Business Heavyweights Discuss Energy Policy at NAM Briefing

By September 18, 2013Energy

At a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by the NAM today, manufacturing heavyweights joined federal lawmakers to discuss the importance of energy to manufacturing. Executives representing Alpha Natural Resources, General Electric Company and Saint-Gobain Corporation turned out to speak on the numerous energy challenges facing manufacturers.

Tom Smith, of Saint-Gobain Corporation, asked the audience to help find partners in the US Congress to help maximize energy independence and promote domestic energy production.  Other speakers touched on topics such as energy and environment regulatory challenges, access to energy resources, and the importance of the energy sector to the economy.

Affordable and reliable energy is essential to the long-term health of the U.S. economy and the prosperity of American workers.  As consumers of one-third of our nation’s energy, Manufacturers support an energy strategy that embraces all forms of domestic energy production while expanding existing conservation and efficiency efforts.

Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota and Congressman John Barrow of Georgia also attended to speak on the importance of manufacturing and what we can do to grow the economy and ensure we have an abundant and reliable energy supply.   Senator Hoeven spoke specifically on the need for a plan that enhances and empowers energy from a variety of sources while reducing costs and creating US jobs, while Congressman Barrow touched on numerous energy issues of importance.

Events like these are an excellent opportunity for manufacturers and lawmakers to discuss priorities and issues of importance when it comes to energy policy.

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