Kennametal Bolsters Its Future

By September 16, 2013General

Fans of the A-Team will remember Col. Hannibal Smith’s famous words, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Well, we here at the NAM feel the same way when outstanding manufacturers unite to drive growth and take manufacturing to new heights.

Kennametal Inc. has announced that that the company has closed a deal to acquire the Tungsten Materials Business of Allegheny Technologies Incorporated. In doing so it has bolstered its footprint in the aerospace and energy markets and locked in access to critical raw materials.

It’s a natural marriage – given both companies’ commitment to excellence and leadership in the manufacturing sector. In its 75th year of operation,  by adding AT’s Tungsten Business Kennametal is setting itself up quite nicely for the next 75 years.

Congratulations and we know we’ll be seeing even greater products and innovation out of Kennametal very soon.

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