NAM Members Continue to Lead The Way on Sustainability Efforts

By August 27, 2013Miscellaneous

Manufacturers lead the way when it comes to finding ways to enhance the sustainability of their processes and products. Whether wildlife and forests, or energy and water, NAM members are always working towards advancing sustainability efforts that positively impact the industry’s contributions to environmental protection, economic performance and the social well-being of the employees, communities, customers and consumers they serve.

Most recently, NAM Member company AT&T announced an effort that aims to save up to 28 billion gallons of water annually—equivalent to the amount of water that more than 765,000 Americans use at home in a given year.

Working with outside partners, AT&T has developed The Building Water Efficiency toolkit, which gives organizations simple, cost-effective resources to build their own water efficiency programs and includes both technical and management tools to design, implement and document water savings. You can view the toolkit and read more about AT&T’s efforts here.


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