NAM Member Pens Column on Cost of Environmental Regulation

By August 9, 2013Regulations

Do the benefits of environmental regulation outweigh the costs? It’s a question as old as the Environmental Protection Agency, and one that Marlin Steel President and NAM Member Drew Greenblatt addresses in a recent column on

Small and medium size manufacturers across the country face a never-ending onslaught of complex federal regulations and obstacles to reaching new foreign markets. These regulations require enormous amounts of paperwork and staff time, and often keep small businesses from focusing on providing good service and expanding their customer base. The true impact of these costs often go unmeasured.

In an effort to illustrate the severity of the problem, Greenblatt photographed a few employees standing beside their files to respond to government regulations, and noted that “the stack was three feet taller than they were–and would be even higher today.”

Manufacturers across the country agree with Mr. Greenblatt and would like the federal government to re-examine regulations that harm the economy and make us less competitive.  We can balance environmental protection with a regulatory structure that doesn’t bog down companies with endless mounds of paperwork.  Simply piling on more costly regulations is not the answer.

Mr. Greenblatt is President of Marlin Steel Wire Products, a U.S.-based builder of steel wire baskets and sheet metal material handling containers.

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