Growing Demand for Coal Highlights Need for Pacific Northwest Exports

By July 30, 2013Economy, Energy

Recent outlook reports released by the Energy Information Administration show world energy consumption will increase by 56% by 2040, and that coal use will grow faster than other available fuels.

This growing global demand, coupled with the abundant coal resources here in the United States, highlights the enormous opportunity U.S. leaders have to create jobs, grow the economy and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace by moving forward with efforts to export these resources in the Pacific Northwest.

The Morrow Pacific Project, Millennium Bulk Terminals and Gateway Pacific Terminal, if allowed to move forward, could create as many as 11,730 jobs and $831.4 million in wages for the Pacific Northwest.  These projects enjoy strong public support, with over 60 percent of registered voters in Washington State supporting development of the terminals.

But beyond the economic impacts in the region, the entire manufacturing economy will reap the benefits of these three projects throughout the supply chain.

Manufacturers need policies now that will make us the most attractive country in the world to headquarter a business, to do the bulk of a company’s research and development and to manufacture and serve as an export platform. We look forward to working with both the Obama Administration and Congress to achieve these high goals and keep manufacturing in the U.S. strong.

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