California State Legislators Highlight Negative Impact of the for Medical Device Tax

By July 2, 2013Taxation

Kudos to the Democratic members of the California state legislature who recently sent a letter to the California delegation in the US House of Representatives expressing serious concern about the impact of the medical device excise tax. California has more than 1,200 medical technology companies —highest in the nation—which provide for nearly 72,000 jobs in the state. Recognizing that this tax is a direct threat to medical technology investment and innovation in California, the legislators urge Congress to repeal this onerous tax.

Many states are already feeling the negative effect the medical device tax has taken on the U.S. medical device industry, which currently is the global leader. This damaging trend will only get worse if Congress does not act. We hope that Leader Pelosi and the rest of the California delegation listen to these concerns and work together to find a solution to repeal this destructive tax.

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