Agencies Continue Shift to Modern Export Control Reform System

By July 12, 2013Trade

Manufacturers have long supported a new approach to export controls, aimed at today’s threats rather than yesterday’s Cold War. Real progress is being made to implement the President’s export control reform initiative, with further updates to the U.S. Munitions List (USML) and the Commerce Control List (CCL) published this week.

The State Department published on July 8 a final rule revising USML Categories VI (Surface Vessels of War and Special Naval Equipment), VII (Ground Vehicles), XIII (Materials and Miscellaneous Articles), and XX (Submersible Vessels and Related Articles). The Commerce Department concurrently published a final rule to add CCL categories for the military vehicles and related items; vessels of war and related items; submersible vessels, oceanographic equipment and related items; and auxiliary and miscellaneous items that the President has determined no longer warrant control on the USML. These changes will be effective on January 6, 2014.

This new rule follows previously published revisions to USML Categories VIII (Aircraft) and XIX (Gas Turbine Engines). The Commerce Department published parallel changes to the CCL, along with the initial Export Control Reform implementation steps, in April.

Previous proposed rules and public comments are available on this tracking document. BIS continues to host weekly teleconferences on aspects of the Export Control Reform Initiative. Details and past presentations are available online here.

Lauren Wilk

Lauren Wilk

Director of Trade Facilitation Policy at National Association of Manufacturers
Lauren Wilk is the Director of Trade Facilitation Policy for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). In that capacity, Lauren works with NAM member companies to develop and advocate the association’s position on export controls, sanctions, export credit and financing, international investment, trade facilitation and customs issues, export promotion and other policies related to national security and global competitiveness. She currently serves on the steering committee of the Coalition for Security and Competitiveness and the Exporters for Ex-Im Coalition.
Lauren Wilk

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